In parts of B.C. The prairie region, for example, has sharp-tailed grouse throughout the southern grasslands but to hone in on stable populations, you must find large blocks of native cover that provide a … The Sharp-tailed Grouse has characteristics similar to the prairie chickens and they are found in larger flocks from central North America into the West and are most often found in open areas, where they are able to fly unobserved. Our logo reflects the importance of grouse to Battle River Region and our group’s dedication to learning more about grouse types, status, behaviour and habitat to inform what can be done to protect them. A male Sharp-tailed Grouse ‘dancing’ at the lek, southern Alberta. Elder Roy Louis, Co-Chair 1-780-352-1370 Although a dense understory of food-bearing shrubs is as important for spruce hens as it is for ruffies, sharp-eyed hunters will spend their time scanning the trees rather than the forest floor. The sharp-tailed grouse is a native game bird that makes its home in the prairies, parklands and forest openings of Alberta. Be sure your target is not a sage grouse. Females watch intently as males bend low to the ground, raise their pointed tails skyward, and stamp their feet so fast they become a blur, all while inflating purplish air sacs to make quiet cooing noises. One of North America’s spectacular dancing grouse species, the Sharp-tailed Grouse gathers at open display grounds known as leks on spring mornings. Depending upon the region of the province, ruffed, spruce, blue and sharp-tailed grouse can be found, as can ring-necked pheasants, Hungarian partridge and ptarmigan. The logo is based on an image of the sharp-tailed grouse by Eddie Cobiness, Indian Group of Seven. IT IS PROHIBITED TO HUNT SHARP-TAILED GROUSE IN MANY WMUS WITHIN ALBERTA (see Game Bird Seasons for allowed WMUs) Be sure of your target. Choose Alberta for your Upland Birds Hunt. and Alberta, there’s a sub-species of the spruce grouse known as the Franklin’s grouse. In order to make the minimum disturbance to the birds during their courtship displays, we left Calgary at just after 4:30am, and made it into the blind just as the action was getting started. These maps identify the locations of key wildlife areas important for the viability and productivity of Alberta's wildlife populations. The sharp‐tailed grouse (Tymphanucus phasianellus jamesi; hereafter sharptails) is a familiar bird across the Peace River region of north‐western Alberta, as well as other open‐area habitats throughout the province. IN ALBERTA SAGE GROUSE ARE PROTECTED Sage grouse are listed as an endangered species in Alberta. Mitigation strategies are generally applicable to maintain the intent of these important areas. Posted by Dan Arndt Back in April I spent a morning out at a local Sharp-tailed Grouse lek sitting in a blind with some great company. To be honest, it doesn’t take long to master the technique of locating upland birds. Sharp-tailed Grouse Dancing Ground Survey Author: Alberta Sustainable Resource Dvelopment - Government of Alberta Subject: Sensitive Species Inventory Guidelines Keywords: sensitive species inventory guidelines, sharp tailed grouse, dancing ground survey, lek survey, bird species surveys, wildlife data collection Created Date: 6/3/2003 2:43:34 PM Sharp-tailed Grouse (ZIP, 392 KB) Swift Fox Range (ZIP, 13 KB) Key Wildlife Layers. Be sure your target is not a sage grouse. The rest of the year, these … Diversity is what makes Alberta a wonderful upland bird destination. The grouse species in question was the Sharp-tailed variety, and a lek is “…an aggregation of males that gather to engage in competitive displays that may entice visiting females who are surveying prospective partners for copulation” (Wikipedia).